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Powered by Generative AI, The Future of Customer Experience for Ordering Arrives to 10,000 Brands With Orda Assistant

We are happy to announce a new immersive customer experience for ordering with generative AI. The conversational ordering experience is now available for customers of over 10,000 brands who joined the beta.

July 13, 2023

Christine Davis - Marketing Director

Orda Assistant harnesses ChatGPT fine-tuning capabilities to learn from a large data set about brand catalog, ingredients and cooking processes so it can be the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to place an order. Conversational AI offers an easy and seamless ordering experience. Customers can place orders using natural language without the need for complicated user interfaces or complex menus.

Examples of interactions with Orda Assistant

A few examples of interactions with Orda Assistant are "What dessert or sweet do you recommend?", "I have a gluten allergy. Is the oreo sundae gluten free?", "Tell me about your loyalty program", "What subway station is the nearest to your lower east location?" Customers receive a response that is not only more accurate and detailed than those of staff members but also conveyed with a cheerful and empathetic tone, making interactions feel friendly and inviting.

Orda Assistant analyzes a customer's ordering history to provide personalized recommendations, enhancing the customer experience and satisfaction. The personalized recommendations with the system led to a 32% increase in customer spend compared to a general purchase. For example, if a vegetarian asks to order an item that they didn't realize isn't suitable, Orda Assistant will tell them that it is not vegetarian and confirm whether they want to order it. It will also provide alternative suggestions. This results in smarter personalization than any other experience available in the retail and hospitality industry.

Benefits to businesses

Orda Assistant can easily read 400 pages of product ingredients and give particular answers and summarization of the data which can save 1-2 months per employee training. From the retailer or restaurant side, AI systems can handle routine tasks such as order taking, freeing up employees to focus on other important areas like customer service, preparation, and delivery of items. Managers can allocate resources more efficiently. They can focus on training staff for higher-value tasks that require human skills such as complex customer service situations.

Artificial intelligence is also applied to the payments process to make it frictionless for customers to process their transactions. For example, customers can save a card on file and Orda Assistant will ask if they'd like to reorder their favorite items with that card for instant checkout.

Harnessing the collective expertise of our 50-strong team over a 4 months period, we've successfully developed and launched the innovative Orda Assistant, a conversational AI for retailers and restaurants, now with a patent pending. We received feedback from over 50,000 consumers using our platform to ensure that we truly were building the best customer experience yet and received a Net Promoter Score of 92. As an omnichannel solution, Orda Assistant can be used online on a website, in a brand's mobile app, in a drive-through, or in-store in ordering kiosks. There is so much excitement from our early adopters around how much easier the ordering experience now is.

Orda is fully committed to leveraging artificial intelligence to improve customer experience. To launch their custom Large Language Models (LLMs), Orda partnered with Nestbox AI ( Nestbox allows enterprises like Orda to quickly train custom models using their own data. A marketplace of out-of-the-box pretrained models allowed Orda to integrate features such as Google Maps knowledge and business operating hours. Nestbox also provides APIs for integrating the LLMs to the enterprise's products, allowing Orda to integrate Assistant with their full suite of fintech solutions.

Come join us with beta testing!

Businesses operating with 50+ store locations looking for a custom immersive customer experience for ordering can request a demo at

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