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Orda is on a mission to help food and beverages entrepreneurs grow their business by offering convenient ordering to increase repeat purchases. Businesses in all 50 states and 8 countries have used our SaaS solutions as their operating system for the past seven years. We created Orda to make it easy and fast for any business to stay connected to their community and stand out with mobile ordering. By taking a platform approach, we created an evolving ecosystem of features and integrations with partners like Square, Instagram, and DoorDash so Orda members are always benefiting from cutting edge technology. We believe the right customer experience creates a lasting bond between businesses and their loyal customers. Our founders are active in the community and host the podcast "From Kitchen To Cause" to inspire entrepreneurs to share their story.

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  • Based in the US and Canada

  • Square Partners since 2015

  • Strong management team with product oriented expertise

  • #1 Apple and Google Mobile App Builder for Square

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