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A quick guide to online ordering platforms for your restaurant

Despite the fact that a large part of consumers are now making orders online, many restaurants are still behind.

November 16, 2021

Dimitar Stevchev - Marketing Team

No matter what kind of restaurant you are, online ordering can be a great opportunity to increase your revenue. Despite the fact that a large part of consumers are now making orders online, many restaurants are still behind.

Web Ordering and Mobile Ordering is the King

How a winning Web and Mobile ordering platform looks like? Browse one of these examples:

It is important to examine all of the different requirements for an online ordering system and choose the best platform for your business. It is very important to pick out the right system. If your restaurant doesn't have an effective online ordering platform, it will not reach its full potential.

How your online ordering system works

How do online ordering systems work? Well, first you go to the website. You look for an item you want to order, and you click on it. Then you choose how many of them you want, and if there are any special instructions. Then you click "Add to Cart". If that's all you wanted, then what happens next is that your shopping cart is sent to the restaurant, which then sends back an order confirmation page with a bunch of information about your order. The restaurant is supposed to have someone checking the orders before they go out, but that doesn't always happen in practice. So sometimes when something looks wrong, they'll send a second confirmation page asking whether you meant to order five eggs when they thought you were supposed to order five sandwiches. And if your order still looks wrong when it gets put into the ticketing system—the giant computer system that controls all the kitchen equipment—it can trigger a message asking why so many sandwiches were ordered. Or if it looks like they got a whole lot of orders from someplace in Norway or somewhere else where they don't expect orders from at that time of night, then you can ignore that.

What are the advantages of using an online ordering platform?

There are a lot of advantages to using an online ordering platform. Not only for the restaurant, but also for the customers. Restaurants online ordering will definitely be beneficial and advantageous. Your online ordering system provides your business with a steady stream of new customers. There are many advantages to using an online ordering system. This is because it allows customers to order from anywhere they want to. It will also help you increase your business sales and profits as well as save costs on labor and advertising. It gives customers a chance to order from home or office or anywhere else they wish without going inside the restaurant and waiting in line for their orders. There are ways to assist your business through a customized website that can be easily accessible from any location from any device with internet connection. As a result, customers can now order from your restaurant from home or office or wherever they are located with just a few clicks on their computers, tablets, smartphones and so on.

What's the real cost of using an online ordering system?

How much do you pay for using an online ordering system? The answer: not as much as you might think. In the old days, before the internet, you had to memorize a phone number and dial it with a rotary phone. The number of digits was equal to the number of items on the menu. If the restaurant had many items on their menu, that meant a long phone call--and if it wasn't a local call, your phone bill was going to be high. Nowadays, if a restaurant has an online ordering system, all you have to do is go to a website and place your order there. That's a huge improvement! You don't have to remember a phone number or pay for any calls. And there are other advantages too, like being able to see what other customers have ordered from that restaurant. You might say that these benefits are worth something, maybe even quite a lot. It's worth thinking about how much they're worth before deciding how much you're willing to pay. In practice most people don't do this; they just assume that what they order online costs nothing more than what they would order over the phone--or even less, because you can usually search for coupons or sales or deals online.

How do they have menus that are exactly like your restaurant?

If you've ever placed an order for delivery or takeout online, you might have noticed that the restaurant seems to have a menu that is absolutely identical to your restaurant. I don't mean identical in the sense that they both list the same dishes. I mean identical in the sense that if you took everything off one of them and put it on the other, you couldn't tell which was which. How is this possible? It's actually pretty simple: there are only so many ways to describe things like "spaghetti with meatballs," and if some restaurant has a good description of how to make spaghetti and meatballs and someone else wants to start another restaurant and doesn't want to come up with their own description, they just can use the same description.

Today, restaurant POS systems are making a change - they are now online. There are many advantages of using online ordering through the POS system in the restaurant. For instance, it is now possible to order food any time and from anywhere. This makes life much easier for both customers and restaurants. Some advantages of ordering food through an online system: There is no need to stand in line and wait for your turn You can see what's on the menu and choose the dishes you like You can check out the reviews and comments about dishes You don't have to worry about spilling anything on your keyboard because you're eating besides ordering your meal There will be no embarrassing moments when you're asked to repeat your order You can choose a different payment method than usual if you don't have cash on hand You will get updates about the status of your order once it is submitted The staff won't waste time on taking orders if they can go straight to preparing them without having to stop and check with customers first.

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