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Create your own branded mobile ordering app for Square!

The fastest way to get your customers' orders is with an app for Square. Anything that removes steps between you and your customer or client can be a win to increase efficiency and profitability

November 16, 2021

Christine Davis - Marketing Director

We live in a mobile world and your customers want what they want when they want it. The fastest way to get your customers' orders is with a mobile app integrated to your Square POS. Anything that removes steps between you and your customer or client can be a win to increase efficiency and profitability.

You can now easily build your own branded mobile ordering app for Square.

With Orda, you get your own iOS and Android mobile app integrated with Square. Your customers will download your mobile app on their phones so they see your brand every day on their home screens. You can send push notifications to stay on customers’ minds. Your Square Loyalty program is automatically integrated so customers can join your program and get rewards.

In this guide, we will cover the easy step-by-step process of building your own mobile ordering app integrated with Square.

How your mobile ordering app empowers your business

Lately branded mobile ordering apps have become must-haves for your customers. Due to changing consumer behaviors in these digital times, mobile brand marketing has reached every industry today, with companies competing for the majority of mobile consumer attention. The same goes for restaurants and retail stores around the world. Having an iOS/Android app on your customers’ phones gives you the ability to always stay connected to your customers. Customers nowadays try to stay away from big crowds and long lines in front of stores, so make sure you are always in touch with your mobile users. Branded mobile applications will prove to be useful for further improvement of your business. Create a convenient mobile ordering app with the name and branding of your business and focus on the younger generation, because they are the ones who will use your app the most. Connect your mobile app to your Facebook and Instagram account, so that your mobile users will always be updated on your latest activities.

Build trust and increase sales with an easy to use app

It is a trend for customers to use mobile apps for ordering their favorite items and also to have the opportunity to pay through the app. So, is your business up to date with the latest trends? 79% of online orders are placed in native mobile apps. Creating a branded mobile app where customers will be able to order and pay for their order is one of the most popular trends for businesses around the world. The special features which help customers place an order on their iOS or Android phone, get a text message when the order is ready, and easily re-order their favorites boosts customer engagement. Having a native iOS/Android app makes it convenient for customers since they do not have to log in every time they want to order. Their personalized preferences and loyalty status are saved right on their phone.

Build, design, and monitor your app all integrated with Square

Square partner Orda has everything you need to launch your mobile ordering app. First you visit

Enter your website URL and click “Build Your App” to get started.

Log in with your Square account to sync your menu. You will be taken to the App Setup Widget, where Orda will walk you step-by-step through setting up your mobile app. Click “Get Started!”

Step 1. General Information: Edit the information that will show in the iOS and Android app stores. You can change the app name or description.

Step 2. Colors: Optionally change the primary and secondary color by dragging the bars left or right.

Step 3. Categories: Select any category you want in your app. Optionally drag and drop the categories to rearrange the order they will appear.

Step 4. Configure Locations: Enable or disable each location. Configure the locations, including location image, name, address, phone, and dining types. You must enable one or more locations.

Step 5. See Demo: The demo is so you see exactly what kind of experience your customers will get with your mobile app with Orda. Your app will have the menu, branding, locations you configured in this setup process.

Step 6. Pricing and Billing You are so close to having your own mobile ordering app! In the last step you will review pricing and billing. After submitting billing information, the Orda team will deploy your app to the Apple and Android store.

What Happens Next? Setup your Apple Developer Account.

Then it may take a couple weeks for the app to be approved. You will then get an email with links to your iOS and Android app.

Grow with marketing tools for your mobile app

Orda Promote Tools have 20+ built in marketing tools and automations to help you get your mobile app out there! You can also customize your unique app with Orda Marketplace, which has many integrations and features like DoorDash partnership, Instagram integration, and many marketing customizations like customized text messages.

Easily manage your orders

Once your app is live, you can easily manage all your Square Online, mobile app, and in-store orders in digital screens with Bump KDS.

Orda is here to help!

Your own mobile app will open up a range of possibilities to improve your customer epxerience. Build your App with Orda!

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