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Why your customers CRAVE an ordering app from your restaurant

Your customers want an easy and smooth ordering experience. And we're here to give that to them.

November 10, 2021

Christine Davis - Marketing Director

Your customers want an easy and smooth ordering experience. And we're here to give that to them. As a restaurant owner, having an ordering app for your restaurant is key to keeping your customers happy and coming back. Customers want a convenient way to browse your menu, place their order, and track and redeem their loyalty points right from their mobile devices. This article explores why your customers crave a mobile ordering app from your restaurant.

Customers want to customize their experience

Your customers want to customize and personalize their experience. We are the vendor, we want to provide standard products. The tension between you and us is one of the things that makes business work. We understand this tension, but we don't always understand how to resolve it. If you want to be able to easily customize the experience of ordering your product, then we need some way to make that easy for you. Customers should be able to easily re-order their favorites with the tap of a button. They should also get personalized recommendations, which is possible with Orda's partnership with Square Loyalty.

Customers want to track and redeem loyalty points

Thanks to Orda's partnership with Square Loyalty, your customers can now track and redeem your loyalty points right on their mobile devices. Customers come back more often when it is easy for them to engage with your loyalty program with your own native mobile app. Frankie Rodriguez, the owner of Blended Juice in Seattle, shared, "Customers visit my store more often and place more orders because they love how easy it is to get loyalty points in our mobile ordering app with Orda. It is automatically integrated with Square Loyalty so it is very easy to offer customers this amazing customer experience that they crave."

Customers want to see if their food's ready

It doesn't take much to make customers feel good about an app. A restaurant app should make it easy to keep track of the real-time status of their order. Getting a text message or push notification when their order is ready will make customers happier. Then your customers are not waiting in line. They are free to do whatever they want between placing their order and being notified that their food is ready for pickup. Similarly, when customers order delivery from your app they should be able to see where the delivery person is. Because of the Orda and DoorDash partnership, your customers can order delivery from your app and it is delivered for you by DoorDash. Your customers can see where the delivery person is on a map so they know when to expect the food to arrive from your restaurant. The app needs to be able to fetch the current status of any given order. It needs to be fast enough so that users don't have to wait more than a few seconds for an update.

Customers like the convenience of not having to wait in line

One of the best things about the modern age is that it has made many things easier for both businesses and consumers. For example, ordering an item online can save people time and energy, since they don't have to drive somewhere, park, go inside the store, look around for what they want, and then pay for it. Your restaurant will be happy with this arrangement because it will mean more sales. Consumers are happier because their search for an item will be simplified; information about every product will be readily available; and once they find what they're looking for, they can order it quickly and easily by clicking on a button. Rates of online shopping are continuing to rise each year as more people come to see the benefits of shopping online rather than in stores. Restaurants with mobile apps are also becoming increasingly innovative with regard to marketing and customer service.

Not having to use your hands saves customers time and reduces germ exposure (who doesn't like that?)

Most people don't know how many different interactions they have with a typical restaurant while placing an order. They touch the menu, browse through it, decide what they want, ask for it by name or description, repeat the order back to the cashier, pay up, and get a receipt. The app eliminates six of these steps. The customer opens your mobile app up and chooses from among the offerings. The contactless order is transmitted directly to kitchen staff and the customer receives a notification when the order is ready. This is not just an incremental improvement in user experience; it's a potentially huge change in business economics. Ordering apps save time and reduce germ exposure for customers, but they also eliminate headaches for your employees who are freed up to focus on customer experience rather than manual entry in your point of sale. They may even reduce costs for restaurants because customers tend to order more food when they can see it presented on their smartphone screens than when they must ask a waiter to describe each item in detail.

Show customers you're ecofriendly

Customers love seeing you are ecofriendly. Once your app is live, you can easily manage all your Square Online, mobile app, and in-store orders in digital screens with Bump KDS. Customers love seeing that your business reduces paper waste and is green.

If you are a restaurant owner, your mobile ordering app is one of the most important things you need to have in place. This is because it helps to provide an online presence for your restaurant that takes up real estate on your customers' phone home screens. The online presence will be useful for your business as well as enhance your reputation as a professional brand. Your ordering app will also help you to improve the quality of service within your restaurant so that there are no delays in serving food to your customers. You can also use your app to create a customer base for your restaurant online which means that you won't have to rely heavily on foot traffic. Your mobile ordering app will also help you to save money and time. The order placed will be sent directly to your kitchen and employees who can then start cooking food or making drinks without wasting any time. So, if you are an owner of a restaurant, make sure that you choose the best ordering app for your business needs. You can easily build your own mobile ordering app in just 5 minutes with Orda.

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