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Web (weebly) and Native App (orda) -the benefits of using these platforms together

If you want to increase sales and make your coffee business stand out and make your business more profitable, then use our Orda dashboard promote tools. But what exactly is the difference?

November 12, 2021

Frankie Rodriguez - Cheif Revenue Officer

Web apps have been around since the beginning of the Internet, so naturally there is a lot of overlap between web and native apps. But what exactly is the difference? Why should you care? And why does it matter anyway? In this article, I'll break down the similarities and differences between web and native apps.

Web Apps vs Native Apps

Weebly and Orda are both powerful tools for building websites. One is a web app, one is native. Both are great. So which should you use? This question is like asking whether you should write in your native language or in English for an international audience. The answer is that it depends on the task at hand. With Weebly, like writing in your native language, you can get started right away without having to learn anything new (you already know how to build a website). But you can't do everything; there are some things that are much easier to do in HTML than in other languages (like CSS). And if what you want to do isn't available with the Weebly interface, then you're stuck using HTML anyway (this happens all the time). With Orda, like writing in English for an international audience, you have access to more tools and can do more things. But it takes longer to learn how to use them, and sometimes the learning curve is steeper than it needs to be. And unlike HTML, which is always available no matter what tool you're using, you have to worry about switching between different "programming languages" when working on something with Orda. In many ways writing a web app is harder than writing a native app. The user experience must be exactly the same, but you have no control over the user's environment. In addition, you have to worry about security and scalability, which are less of a problem for native apps. The quality of a web app is not just a matter of code. What makes Orda powerful is also its convenience for customers by putting your mobile app on their phone home screen.

Understand the difference

Websites work fine for what it does, though not as well as Orda, which is better designed and easier to use for customers on their mobile devices.

Different capabilities and limitations

Weebly is a great solution for building a website. IThe limitations of Weebly make it useless for some purposes, such as building a blog or ecommerce site, and great for others, such as making a simple company website.

With Orda, you get your own iOS and Android mobile app integrated with Square. Your customers will download your mobile app on their phones so they see your brand every day on their home screens.

Comparison sheet between native apps and web apps

There are several advantages of native apps over web apps. The first advantage is that native apps are currently more secure than web apps. There are fewer chances of your data being stolen or getting into the wrong hands if you use a native app instead of a web app. The reason for this is that native apps are less prone to hacking.

When you start a business, a key part of the initial planning process is choosing a platform to build on. There are two major options that entrepreneurs have at their disposal: native apps and web apps. Each of these allows businesses to reach a greater number of people on multiple devices. However, native apps perform better in most regards, while web apps fall short in others. In order to understand the differences between these two platforms, it's important to know how they work and what limitations exist with each one. Web applications have a lot going for them. In some ways, they're better than native apps in terms of functionality and features. In other areas they still lag behind, but that's not to say web apps aren't capable of competing with native solutions. Rather, it's important to choose your solution wisely. Take a look at the top comparisons between the two, and see which one works best for you.

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