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why square sellers Stand Out With Digital Kitchen display named Bump KDS

November 10, 2021

Christine Davis - Marketing Director

It's a busy day at Bella Goose Coffee in Wisconsin. The smell of espresso fills the air. Customers eagerly line up at the register. Every time an order is placed in Square POS, the team sees and manages the order on a digital screen.

Bella Goose Coffee is part of the growing trend of Square sellers embracing digital kitchens with Bump KDS.

Having a digital kitchen helped a lot because it helps us communicate with the front and back easily. We're able to get our orders out a lot faster. The main reason we got Bump KDS is before we didn't have a real system, we just used paper. We're running a lot smoother compared to before. The customers don't have to wait as long.- Scott, Bella Goose Coffee, Wisconsin

In this post we will share why the Square community is using the Kitchen Display System (KDS) to digitize their workflow.

Who uses Digital Kitchens?

Digital kitchens have become the standard for coffee shops, foodtrucks and mobile businesses, and Quickserve Restaurants (QSRs).

Square sellers are creating digital kitchens in almost every continent. Businesses in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and many more countries are digitizing.

Employees love how easy it is to work in a digital kitchen. They instantly adapt to using screens.

Both new businesses getting ready to open and established businesses are setting up digital kitchens for reasons we will discuss in the next section. Read on!

Why Digital Kitchens?

The Bump KDS team called over 400 Square sellers around the globe to better understand why businesses create digital kitchens.

The main reasons we heard over and over are to create better communication between front and back of house, prevent paper waste and inefficiencies, consolidate all orders, and serve faster. We will go over each of these values.

Create Better Communication

The number one pain we were looking to solve is communication from front of house to back of house. That is the purpose of the KDS. - Jamaro, The Cookout, Louisiana

Creating better communication between front and back of house is a must.

This has become even more urgent during the pandemic, when employees and customers are spread out further apart. With a digital kitchen, customers can order in one spot and the food be prepared in another efficiently.

Employees can each have their own screen to prevent the communication challenges of running around handing out paper tickets.

It's helpful because we have to check in people at one station and have them pick up at another station. We use it primarily to communicate from our front of house where people are coming in to our espresso area. Now people are not next to each other. - Jeff, Ha Coffee, Hawaii

Prevent Paper Waste and Inefficiencies

Each year, over 12 million trees are killed in the production of paper receipts in the United States alone.

Further, paper receipts cannot be recycled. This is because thermal receipts have toxic BPA and BPS dyes. In addition to contributing to waste, these toxins are making people sick.

Managing orders on digital screens has played a pivotal role in preventing paper waste. It also removes the inefficiency of constantly having to replace paper rolls.

Bump KDS helps me save paper and save money by not spending money on paper rolls and getting rid of waste — Andrew, Cafeina, California

Consolidate All Orders

In todays digital world, orders come from many different channels: in-store transactions in Square POS, phone calls, online orders, and third party delivery orders.

Trying to manage all these different orders is a headache without a digital kitchen.

Bump KDS consolidates all orders into one system. It is integrated with Square and all major delivery platforms.

The biggest perk of Bump KDS is to have all of our sales aggregators like Uber Eats and Deliveroo consolidated into one place. It makes it easier, thus less staff and more savings. It is easy and integrated with Square.- Frederic, Xstaurants, United Kingdom

Serve Faster

A digital kitchen creates a better customer experience by getting customers their orders faster.

Being able to track and manage orders in real-time on any device prevents the slowness of managing paper tickets. This is a must to stand out to customers.

Square sellers like that Bump KDS runs on the web. You can use any phone, tablet, or desktop that you are most comfortable with to create the most efficient process.

Paper tickets would have been too cumbersome. Having a digital kitchen has improved flow a lot. My favorite part about Bump KDS is to be able to keep track of how long things are going so they know the priority and timing of getting things out. — Steven, The Well Coffeehouse, Washington

We love having a digital kitchen in our foodtruck! It makes our lives easier every day. — Valdez, Chick-fil-A Foodtruck, Boca Raton, FL

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