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Why self-service kiosks are necessary for your business

The world changes every day, the way in which people live their lives is being revolutionized. People are switching to technology in order to make their daily lives easier.

November 26, 2021

Frankie Rodriguez - Cheif Revenue Officer

The world changes every day and the way in which people live their lives is being revolutionized. Restaurants and coffee and beverage stores are switching to self-service kiosk technology in order to make their customer experience better.

Self-ordering kiosks are everywhere now. Brands like Buddy Valastro, Wafels and Dinges, McDonald’s, Panera, Shake Shack, and many local businesses like Blended Juice are some examples where customers are enjoying a better experience with self-service kiosks.

It is now easier than ever for your business to launch your kiosks with Orda Express in partnership with Square payments.

There is an unprecedented impact from implementing self ordering kiosks. It was shown that adopting an automated self-checkout process increases sales, service quality, customer satisfaction and retention. This article covers why self-service kiosks are vital for creating the best customer experience in your store.

Control your brand perception with marketing tools

With customizable self-checkout, your business is fully in control of your workflow, brand assets, and how customers perceive and engage with your brand. First you fully customize your branded kiosk hardware so your customers experience your brand immediately when walking over to your Orda Express kiosks. You then showcase your branding and item photos in the self-service kiosk software. During checkout your kiosks collect customer data to bring customers back with built-in marketing automations.

You want to provide a personalized design to your customer with your own logo, tagline, and color palette that is unique to your store. You also have a specific workflow that allows you to maximize your profit and the user satisfaction. This is a critical step toward building a winning self-ordering kiosk and failing to create a coherent and self-explanatory workflow will make it really hard for your customers to use the system.

Streamline lines

Long lines result in $38B in revenue loss per year from customers turning away, according to Ayden. Self-checkout eliminates this revenue loss. By having 3+ kiosks, customers can immediately enter a business and place an order without waiting in line.

Make personalized recommendations

Businesses create a more personal experience with machine learning and upsell technology. Orda’s small upsell engine not only grows revenue over 30% but results in customers feeling like the experience is more relevant to them. Square Loyalty tracks how often customers visit your business and provides valuable analytics on customer loyalty. Square’s data on ordering preferences empowers the Orda platform with its smart upsell technology. Knowing which items to promote when results in 30% revenue boost.

Increase comfort

When ordering with a human cashier, customers often feel judged when adding certain items. Self-checkout makes customers feel more comfortable indulging in what they want to order. The Square chip card reader has such a sleek, minimalist design that any consumer knows how to complete a transaction. Other processors have complex pin pad terminals with many buttons that cause customers to wonder what is expected of them. By removing this friction, Square increases customer satisfaction.

Consumers will interact better with a heavy duty and robust solution, otherwise it will be hard for them to engage with your automated process. Sometimes a customized tablet kiosk is required and you have to build a specific model for your store and use case.

Accessibility is another factor that you need to consider. With kiosks you have an opportunity to make your store more accessible with user friendly self-ordering. Everyone should be able to use your kiosks and to back that up, the designs have to meet the height and reach standards set in the Americans with Disabilities Act. “The ADA was revised in 2012 to help create buildings and facilities that are accessible to more than 54 million Americans with disabilities.”

Omnichannel starts with kiosks

As many of us learn, lately omni-channel marketing and sales is a physical and digital presence strategy that allows businesses to deliver a consistent experience across offline and online channels. Well… easier said than done — why? According to a recent study 50% of businesses loose big bucks because they implement omni-channel marketing in a wrong way. Many marketers will say that “Omnichannel is a complex, multi-faceted challenge,” letting you think that you need to change the way you think about marketing. An effective marketing strategy that implements omni-channel techniques must start at one of most critical places — your business’s checkout spot. Customers are more likely to provide their consent to be part of your loyal audience and they are more likely to register to your loyalty program in a digital form in your store. Your kiosks also move customers from ordering in-store to ordering on your mobile ordering app to further streamline long lines in your store.

Easy to maintain

Like your website, a self-checkout is a “live” system that requires integrations to third party solutions like marketing platforms to support discounts and coupons. Payments providers such as Square change their service from time to time and require apps to update their code base. You don’t want to chase after technology. Another good example of an integrated solution is mobile ordering that allows you to engage with your customer after using your self-checkout system. In many cases, chains ask to create a mobile ordering workflow that has the same look and feel of their self-checkout system. The solution is to pick a strong platform and company that is dedicated to a self-service development that is always innovating and working around improving the eco-system of their platform. Orda is always adding new features so your features stay state-of-the-art.

Case Study - Buddy Valastro

Buddy Valastro "The Cake Boss" wanted to create a better customer experience in his dessert and pizza stores. He was able to put his branding on self-ordering kiosks and streamline long lines with Orda Express.

“Custom branded kiosks are very important because it lets us connect customers to Buddy V and build genuine community. Orda allows for the custom use of Buddy’s branding assets. This has been an instrumental factor in the relationships we are creating and customers' daily engagement with our brand," shared Chris, the director of Pizzacake By Buddy Valastro in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kiosks - your customer facing self-service platform

Orda offers an interface for any product or service that requires a transaction. Kiosks are an efficient way to serve customers who do not need live interaction with a salesperson. Kiosks can provide an optimal experience for transactions when visiting your store. Kiosk technology provides self-service business owners with a versatile platform that can be used to meet many different customer needs. The most successful kiosks use touchscreen technology to provide customers with a fast, easy, and convenient way to buy products and services. Customers enjoy the convenience of purchasing items without waiting in long lines at a checkout counter.

Many companies, especially small businesses, are vulnerable to competitors establishing a physical presence in their markets. Self-service kiosks should be considered as a means of retaining competitive advantage. By turning your cashiers into concierges and making it easy for customers to place an order in-store, your business focuses on what truly matters: creating an engaging customer experience. This leads to the strongest loyalty and customer retention.

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