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Proven ways to BOOST LOYALTY in your restaurant or coffee shop

What restaurant owners and coffee shop owners want more than anything is repeat customers. But, current customers will only come back so many times if you reward them for their loyalty

November 13, 2021

Dimitar Stevchev - Marketing Team

What restaurant owners and coffee shop owners want more than anything is repeat customers. Crrent customers will come back more if you reward them for their loyalty with promotional items such as loyalty cards, gifts, and offers. Great promotions keep people coming back to your restaurant; they create a habit for your customers to return each week or month. Great promotions also help build word-of-mouth marketing that will help bring new customers into your business.

Offer branded items

The most critical thing in the world of marketing is retaining customers. Branding is one of the efficient ways to do it. If your customers like the restaurant, they will come back for more. Restaurants can use branded goods to increase loyalty in customers. The customers are always prompted to choose branded goods when they go for meals in restaurants. They prefer having branded items in their house because branded items can help them to make a good impression on guests. Even if they are looking forward to keeping their house simple, but at the same time, they also want to give a positive look in front of guests; therefore, they prefer having branded items in their home. Branded items are very important for businesses because these items are linked with the reputation of that business or product which makes consumers trust that brand or product more. When consumers have trust in a particular brand then they are more likely to purchase that particular brand again and even recommend that brand to others. Branded products are slightly more expensive than other products available in the market but at the same time, it saves consumers from spending money on different types of products or services for a long period of time. When consumers have trust in a particular brand then they are more likely to purchase that particular brand again and even recommend that brand to others.

Have a loyalty program

Any business can have a loyalty program. In a restaurant, it goes like this: Your cashier asks if the cusotmer wanst to join your loyalty program. If you say yes, they enter their phone number so they can start getting rewards. This also lets you contact the customer in your marketing.

Have a referral program in your business

Referral programs have been used in different industries, including restaurants. A restaurant owner might invite his customers to refer friends and family members to the restaurant. In return, he will give a free meal or a discount on future orders. This program works well in encouraging new customers to visit a certain restaurant. We can apply this concept in our business. Many small business owners forget the importance of having referral programs for their own business. Referral programs can be instrumental in increasing sales and gaining more loyal customers. Not only that, it also helps in building the social media presence of your brand. Businesses can use referral cards that can be given out during the launch of products and services to get more customers and increase brand awareness. These referrals can be converted into freebies and discounts for new customers who patronize the products and services of your company. It is wise for many businesses to implement referral programs because of its ability to help gain more loyal customers. It does not cost much but gives you back a lot in return.

Make yourself visible on social media

Social media is an excellent way to increase loyalty in restaurants. Restaurants are at the center of people's lives, they need to be open during most of the day and night, people like to spend their money there, and the industry has a relatively high profit margin. This makes it possible for restaurants to invest in social media marketing in order to increase loyalty. This is an opportunity that many restaurants are unable to take advantage of because they don't understand how important social media really is. They feel left behind by not having a Facebook page or Twitter account, but that is only the beginning; they also need to know what they can use social media for. They need to know how social media can benefit them so they can decide if it is worth investing time and money into. Social media benefits everyone who uses it, but the benefits will vary depending on what industry you are in. Restaurants have several different ways that social media can benefit them. It increases advertising revenue because people are more likely to find out about specials or coupons through social media than through other advertising methods. On top of that, if you use social media effectively, you will increase your customer base because of how easily it can be shared with others on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Loyalty is critical to any business. Without it, you will lose most of your customers within a year. Here are some tips that will help you improve loyalty at your restaurant. Keep track of each customer's purchases and how often they visit. Think about what they like and use this information to try and get them to come back more often. Offer specials that pique the interest of your customers. Use incentives for them to give you feedback on how well the food or service was so that you can better serve their needs. Help the customers feel welcome when they come in. Make sure they feel like they are not intruding on someone else's space. For example, if there is only one table available, don't seat a couple there if there are single people waiting in line for a table. Make sure that each group who comes in has an equal chance at getting a table. This will increase the chances of repeat customers since they want to come back because they felt welcomed into your establishment.

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