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Why no-code solutions is a gamechanger for building your restaurant ordering app

The technology has made it possible for you to build your own app that works like a charm and helps you grow your restaurant business.

November 16, 2021

Dimitar Stevchev - Marketing Team

The technology has made it possible for you to build your own app that works like a charm and helps you grow your restaurant business. Restaurant tech solutions like this development platform let anyone learn how to make an app — and make their business better — without having to code. With the source code, this platform allows developers and non-developers alike to create and deploy customized software. If you're a small business owner who's looking for a way to make your business stand out, here's the only way: Get an app for your business with Orda.

No-code solutions' emergence into the mobile app development market has been a welcome addition. These solutions have made it easier than ever for people to create mobile apps and start launching their ideas and products to the public, without having to spend too much or require any previous coding experience. It is important to note that no-code solutions are not limited to creating mobile apps; they can also make websites and other software as well. Guided by the philosophy of “no-code to app-store”, these solutions make it easy for organizations, developers and individuals to launch digital products faster and more cost-effectively. The old way of creating an application is writing the code, then having it tested and then deploying it on a server. It is common for people to prefer building mobile apps over web apps because of the fact that they consider mobile apps more appealing than web apps. This is because mobile apps are easy to use, more interactive and have better functionality when it comes to graphics, audio etc.

No-code solutions give you a head start in development

No-code solutions let you get your app to market faster and with less investment than coding it yourself. This is especially valuable for small business, startups, and entrepreneurs who don't have the funds or expertise to build an app using developer tools or coding. While technology in the past was a barrier to entry in startups, today it is a different story. As the tools have evolved and improved, so have the opportunities for small teams to create products that can compete with bigger, more funded companies. The no-code movement is a big part of this change. It has propelled a wave of new tools and services that enable anyone to create their own app. In many cases, it's possible to get up and running without any code whatsoever.

Learn how to design a great user experience

The Internet is an explosive place, and the creation of content is exploding. Mobile apps are everywhere; they are growing in number each day. Anyone can make one, that's what makes it so exciting! However, anyone does not mean everyone will be able to make one that will be successful. The truth is that there are many apps out there that no one has ever heard of. There are hundreds of thousands of apps available for download on mobile app stores, but only a few of them reach millions of downloads or become profitable. How can you create an app that someone will actually use? The first thing you'll need is a good idea for your app! This blog will give you all the tips and tricks on how to come up with a great idea for an app and will help you turn that idea into a reality. The best way to design a great user experience is through constant iteration. The user can tell you what they want, but they can't tell you how to make it. The first prototype is not going to be the final version. In fact, unless you're unusually lucky, it will be awful, as will the second one, and maybe even the third. But each one will bring you closer to making something great. And if you use technology that makes it easy to build and distribute your app, you can learn from your mistakes quickly and cheaply.

Get a head start on marketing your app

Before we start we need to be sure about some things: who is the app for? what does it do? and how much will it cost? These questions may sound obvious, but you'd be amazed how often people forget to ask them. If you don't know who your app is for, you'll never design something they want. And if you don't know what it does, you won't know when you finish.

If you want to build a restaurant ordering tool in two weeks with no coding, you'll need a little bit of design, a little bit of marketing, and a lot of business model innovation. The design will be simple. You don't have to hire a designer; you can do it yourself. Just make a list of the screens your users will see, in whatever order makes sense for them. The first screen they will see is the home page. On it should be a single button that says "Order". That's pretty much all there is to it. Designing the other screens--the product page, the confirmation page, etc.--is just repetition. When people use your site, they will start at the home page and then click on that button. In response they will see an order form with fields for their name and address along with one field for every item on the menu. They enter their information and submit it. Then they get a confirmation page telling them what their total is and how long it will take to get to them.

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