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Roast Magazine on growing your community with a mobile ordering app

How can your coffee shop build community with your own mobile app? Roast Magazine on growing your community with a mobile ordering app

January 24, 2022

Christine Davis - Marketing Director

Dev's Coffee exists to serve their community. Their two locally owned stores in Vancouver, Washington seek to provide a friendly service and exceptional customer experience.

As times have gone more digital, Dev's Coffee had to find a way to continue to make customers feel like they belong.

Dev's Coffee joined the booming trend of coffee shops growing their community with their own mobile ordering app. "We needed to stay connected with customers who were at home or wanted a contactless way to order. Our community reacted with so much excitement when we shared our mobile ordering app on our Instagram and website!" shared owner Austin Slagle.

Roast recently featured Orda since it has become such a vital community building platform for the coffee industry.

Thanks to Orda, the mobile ordering app builder for coffee, it is now easy and affordable for any coffee shop to launch their own Square-integrated mobile app.

The impact of having a mobile app has been profound for Dev's Coffee. "We are living our dream and expanded to two locations with our mobile app with Orda this past year. Our customers love to easily re-order their favorite coffees and redeem rewards from our Square Loyalty program. Push notifications have become an essential communication tool that gets our customers to visit more often," shared Austin Slagle.

1. Make community customers feel connected to you

Your mobile app builds community by putting your coffee shop on customers' phones. Customers feel connected when they have an app icon on their phone and see your app every day. Through a solid mobile presence, you'll always know you're presenting to your community – an interface geared specifically to provide them with the best experience.

2. Offer convenient ordering and payment

It is more convenient for customers to order from your mobile app and skip the line. Customers save their card on file or pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay. They can also re-order their favorite items in one click because the app already has their data saved.

3. Make customers feel valued with loyalty rewards on their phone

Your app is automatically integrated with your Square Loyalty program. This lets your community members feel connected to you by easily tracking and redeeming your loyalty rewards right on their phone.

4. Unlock communication channels with push notifications.

Push notifications are only possible with a native mobile app. They are the best way to stay in touch with your customers since they are on their phones all day. Coffee shops use push notifications to remind customers they are open, share new items, and offer coupons and specials. You can add images and text to tell your unique story. Customers further stay connected to your brand with unique mobile app features like sharing your story and showing your Instagram feed integrated into your app.

5. Create habits by having your brand accessible on mobile.

Having a mobile app lets you put your branded app icon right on your customers' phone home screens. This digital real estate reminds customers your coffee shop is there every day, which creates a habit where they visit more. One-click reordering in your mobile app makes it even easier to create a habit.

How can your coffee shop build community with your own mobile app?

6. Be seen in the App Store and Google Play.

79% of online orders are placed in native mobile apps. Being listed in Apple Store and Google Play gives your coffee shop more exposure in your town. Being in these popular marketplaces lets your customers download your professional mobile app for multichannel ordering so you don't miss potential customers.

7. Reach customers at home with no-commission delivery.

Growing your community involves engaging with every customer, and that includes ones who are at home. It is important that customers stay connected to your brand directly rather than a third party delivery app. Coffee shops can now expand with no-commission delivery in your own branded mobile ordering app due to the Orda and DoorDash partnership.

8. Connect with your community with Orda Marketing Tools

When you build your coffee shop mobile ordering app, you get 20+ marketing automations out of the box with Orda. Orda Promote Tools automatically creates branded marketing content for you for channels including Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, sidewalk sign, posters, business cards, SMS marketing, email marketing, and more.

9. Be part of a larger community of coffee shops using Square-integrated solutions.

It is easy to feel like you are alone trying to keep your business afloat in the day to day. When you launch your mobile app you become part of a like-minded community of thousands of fellow coffee shop owners. Coffee shops are able to submit feature requests to Orda and have a say in new features that are developed. You are able to connect with and learn from one another in the Orda community.

10. Create a unique in-store experience with self-ordering kiosks

When you launch your mobile ordering app, you also have the option to connect with in-store customers with self-ordering kiosks. Your Orda Express kiosks are fully branded so your community engages with your coffee shop in a meaningful way. You collect customer data to bring customers back more often with automated marketing.

How to launch your mobile ordering app. Integrated to Square.

The whole process of designing your mobile ordering app takes 5 minutes. Your coffee shop signs up at Your inventory and loyalty program are automatically synced from Square POS. Then you customize your unique mobile app in an easy drag and drop interface. You get to customize your Apple Store and Google Play listing.

Orda then deploys your app to Apple Store and Google Play. Over 20+ marketing automations help coffee shops grow their community quickly.

You can launch your coffee shop's mobile ordering app at!

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