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4 Benefits of Using Food Truck Apps

Here we look at 4 benefits of using Food Truck Apps.

November 10, 2021

Christine Davis - Marketing Director

Anyone who has ever worked in the food truck industry understands how demanding and competitive it is. The food truck business is booming! Now restaurant owners are switching to food trucks to save money on cost while providing to the masses. In the US there seems to be room for about 70,000 food trucks. If the population is 300 million, that's about two food trucks per thousand people.

With so much competition, food truck owners are standing out with their own mobile ordering app. Here we look at 4 benefits of having your own Food Truck App.

Food truck apps create the best customer experience

Food trucks share that having a mobile app creates the best customer experience. Customers love the convenient ordering and having an easy way to track and redeem loyalty rewards on their phone. Every time food trucks post about their mobile app in Instagram and Facebook, customers react with excitement, which leads to more downloads and orders.

This and That Foodtruck in Hudson, New York shared this push notification with their customers: "Because of the people who have downloaded the ordering app, our first 6 months in business was a success more than we dreamed of. Our thanks to you."

Traffic restraints are eliminated with your food truck app

In today's digital age, food truck owners can offer an app to engage their customers wherever they are! Customers can order delivery from your food truck to their door or place a pickup order and easily grab their food from your truck. This reduces lines and traffic in front of your food truck, which keeps both employees and customers safer and happier. Now, customers won't need to waste time waiting in line or calling you directly, but instead, they'll just need to press a few buttons on their mobile device using your app.

Built in marketing tools

In addition, food truck owners are able to create marketing strategies for their mobile app. Instead of putting out fliers or doing other types of advertising, they'll be able to put up digital ads on mobile devices since they capture real estate on customers' phone home screen. In this way, owners can easily promote their business and increase their revenues. Having an app reduces cost by retaining customers with easier ordering tool and built in marketing tools like push notifications and SMS.

A lot of big cities have seen an explosion in the number of food trucks since the app revolution took place. More and more people are choosing food trucks over restaurants because they appreciate all of the convenience they offer and the new experience. It's pretty clear that mobile technology is changing the way we think about food truck dining, and it's only going to get more popular from here on out.

Customers are rewarded for using your app

The best way to encourage your customers to order more often is by having a loyalty rewards program on their phone. Having rewards incentivizes customers to visit your food truck more frequently. Customers love being able to track and redeem their rewards on their phone. It feels good to save money, and we've found that people will use the app more often if they know they're going to get rewarded.

Your Square Loyalty program is automatically integrated to your own mobile app for your foodtruck with Orda.

Investing in an app will increase business by providing customers with more information and convenience - to manage a food truck you need a way to connect with customers. That's where we come in. Orda is a tool for increasing business, and it does it by making it easy for you to connect with customers. Get an app for your food truck and go mobile. You don't need to have experience in codingOrda will launch your app for you.

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