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Introducing: Mobile App with Preloaded Cards & Gift Cards

Preloaded cards and wallet in your mobile app for ordering means convenience for customers, who can now store their payment information in the app and easily access it when they need it.

March 6, 2023

Christine Davis - Marketing Director

The Orda team is thrilled to announce our brand new feature that is tailor-made for food and drink businesses - a mobile app with preloaded cards. This is an incredibly important feature for food and drink businesses, as it allows them to reach out to a much larger customer base, provide a more secure payment system, and track customer spending. Additionally, it will allow for far more convenience for customers, who can now store their payment information in the app and easily access it when they need it. We are very excited about this new feature, and we hope you are too! We are also announcing today that the #1 feature request of adding Gift Cards to the app is now available together with the app.

Preload Cards used in a wallet

What are Preloaded Cards in Mobile Apps for Ordering?

Preloaded Card in Mobile App is a convenient way to access funds and make payments right on customers' smartphone. The signup process is simple and straightforward, allowing you to quickly set up an account and link your payment method. Once your account is set up, you can easily add multiple cards and use them to pay for purchases in-store or online. The app also offers the convenience of auto reloading, allowing you to set up recurring deposits to your account so that you always have funds available. With Preloaded Card in Mobile App, you can manage all your payments in one place, making it an invaluable tool for people who use multiple payment methods.

Why Customers Love using Preloaded Cards?

Preloaded cards are an incredibly convenient and easy way to pay for goods and services. Customers love preloaded cards because they are an incredibly simple way to make payments that eliminates the need to set up payment every time. Additionally, preloaded cards are incredibly easy to use as customers simply tap once to make a payment. Customers appreciate the convenience of reloading the cards when needed, meaning they don't need to purchase new cards each time they run out of funds.

Why Business Suggest Preloaded Cards to their Customers?

Businesses such as Starbucks that offer preloaded cards make more money because they provide customers with an easy and convenient way to pay for their purchases. Customers can simply load money onto their card and then use it to pay for their purchases. This method of payment also benefits businesses since they can receive payment instantly, without having to wait for customers to pay with cash or credit cards. For example, as part of their rewards program, millions of Starbucks customers have preloaded money onto Starbucks cards, essentially loaning the company more than $1 billion at 0% interest. Starbucks has around $1.6 billion in stored value card liabilities outstanding.

How Preloaded Cards Save Money in Trasnaction Fees?

Preloaded cards are a great way for businesses to save money on transaction fees. When businesses use preloaded cards, they only pay the transaction fee once instead of each partial transaction. This can often reduce the 8% transaction fee to a minimal of 3%, resulting in significant savings for the business. Additionally, preloaded cards require fewer manual processes, making them more efficient for businesses. They also provide greater security and control over funds, as businesses can monitor their spending and set limits on how much money can be spent in a given period of time.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are becoming increasingly popular for businesses and offer a great way to reward customers and increase loyalty. Gift cards can be used as a great incentive for customers, as it encourages them to shop with the business again in future. Business owners can also benefit from gift cards as it can give them a boost in sales and increase customer loyalty. Furthermore, they can be used as a promotional tool, as businesses can add promotional messages or discounts to entice more customers to purchase the cards.

Gift cards can be selected as a payment option in the checkout step, just click the Gift card option and type in your number:

Preload Cards used in a wallet

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