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Manhattan Bagels Consolidates Technology Vendors With All-In-One Platform Orda

Gone are the days when you'll be forced to stand in line with fourteen other people to order a bagel on your way to work in the morning.

June 8, 2022

Dimitar Stevchev - Marketing Team

Meet Manhattan Bagel

Gone are the days when you'll be forced to stand in line with fourteen other people to order a bagel on your way to work in the morning. At least at Manhattan's Bagels, who have one hundred locations throughout the U.S. That's because they have gone fully digital.

Easier, Faster Ordering in the New Jersey stores!

Self-ordering kiosks and mobile apps have become common in restaurants, allowing customers to bypass queuing up in line or even depending on the wait staff to take their order. In the past, however, restaurant owners were forced to contract with separate vendors that allowed for customers to order online, from a mobile app, or through an in-store kiosk. Not anymore. New York-based digital ordering platform Orda has introduced the world's first drag and drop digital ordering designer that functions across all three platforms. And Manhattan's Bagels thinks it's pretty sweet. "Orda is by far the most cost-effective solution," says owner Joshua Wang from Manhattan's Bagels in New Jersey. "We replaced all our other vendors with one Orda solution."

Fully Square-intergated solution in a box

According to Joshua, having full integration was the most important factor in making the switch. Not only was it easier to deal with only one vendor, but all aspects of the ordering system – app, kiosk, online – were now 100% in sync. Built in AI-driven marketing allowed Manhattan Bagels to scale their digital ordering overnight. "Plus, Orda reads word for word from our menu," Joshua says. "And they are the only fully integrated solutions with Square."

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Why Orda is the best-in-class solution?

This type of ordering gives customers immediate access to the menu with zero wait time. And the restaurant can tailor-make the design to mirror their company brand, inspiring customer loyalty. Josh says, "With Orda, you're just getting more for your money. Instead of the cost and labor of setting up three separate systems, you're dealing with one vendor, and everything goes through the Orda system." For those of us who have only minutes in the morning to grab a bite on our way to work, Manhattan's Bagels brings the perfect solution. Not only can we order online before we leave home, from our phone on the bus, or through the kiosk in the store, we have peace of mind knowing the system is seamless, and we'll get just what we ordered, quickly and easily.

And for those keeping score, Orda is a three-in-one solution.

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