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Incentivize your customers with a loyalty app

Every company wants to do what it can to incentivize its customers. This is especially true in the restaurant & e-commerce markets.

November 22, 2021

Christine Davis - Marketing Director

Every company wants to do what they can to incentivize their customers. This is especially true in the restaurant & e-commerce markets. One easy way to incentivize your existing customers is with a loyalty program with Square Loyalty. A loyalty program can keep your customers loyal to your brand by rewarding them for purchases over time, whether that means deals per visit, adding rewards for purchase amounts, or just adding deals and discounts at certain times of the year. There are many ways you can incentivize your customers, but one of the simplest ways is to have a loyalty app.

Create a customer loyalty program

Why should you create a customer loyalty app? That's a great question.

Keeping customers is hard. You have to give them something that competitors can't. Many companies offer loyalty programs in the hopes of providing an incentive for people to keep buying from them instead of someone else. These programs might include points or rewards for repeat purchases, but they're not always effective and can be costly for businesses.

Tossing up a loyalty app is an easy way to show you care about your customers, and it doesn't cost you much and has the potential to improve your bottom line if implemented correctly.

Offer points for purchases

Loyalty points are the currency of any good rewards program. Earning them should drive your behavior, whether you're buying something that's on sale, buying it from a specific merchant or just taking advantage of a deal on a hot new item. Rewards programs are based on the idea that people will act differently to get something they want — and the promise of future rewards is often the only thing that makes spending money fun. The best loyalty apps offer the most points for purchases that otherwise wouldn't have been made.

Keep track of points earned and redeemed

In today's technology-driven world, you can be sure that customers will want an app that will help them track points earned and redeemed. It helps instill a sense of loyalty and it encourages people to come back for more. A mobile loyalty app is a great incentive for your customers. In addition to the points they earn from each purchase, they can also accumulate points from other ways of interacting with your company. In a nutshell, loyalty programs are a way for companies to reward you for buying their product/service. Rewards can come in the form of actual money, discounts, or points that go towards future purchases. When people think about loyalty rewards, they often focus on the points side of things. Your app lets customers track your program right on their phone home screen.

Loyalty program is a great to engage with your customers

Loyalty programs are great to engage with your customers. According to the latest statistics, the number of people who use loyalty programs is growing rapidly. A loyalty program is a marketing tool. It's an incentive designed to make your customers want to keep coming back and doing business with you. For example, a coffee shop might offer a free cup of coffee for every ten purchases. Or a clothing store might offer a 10 percent discount for every purchase over a certain amount. The idea is that offering this incentive will create a sense of commitment and loyalty in your customers. They will want to continue doing business with you because they value the reward you are offering them. There are all kinds of ways to offer this incentive. Some businesses offer discounts on future purchases after several purchases have been made. Other businesses create a "loyalty card" that customers can use at checkout so that they can easily track their purchases and get credit for future discounts or rewards.

A loyalty program is a way for you to reward your repeat customers. These loyal customers stay with your company and come back to you more often, thus increasing your revenue. A rewards program will also encourage new clients to try your business. With your own branded app you can offer a fireproof loyalty program to your customers. Your app with Orda seamlessly connects with Square Loyalty so the ease of adding a program is already taken care of. Get started with Orda today.

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