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How I built an app for my coffee shop?

Have you ever wanted to create your own coffee shop app? I did, and now I will share with you how I built my own coffee shop mobile ordering app.

November 18, 2021

Frankie Rodriguez - Cheif Revenue Officer

Have you ever wanted to make your own coffee shop app for your business? I did for my coffee and juice shop Blended in Seattle, Washington, and let me tell you how I did it! I saw the trend that coffee shops with their own mobile ordering app are booming, so I decided to lean in and build a coffee shop app for my business myself!

I could not afford a developer

I could not afford a developer and I didn't think it was necessary to hire one. My idea was to work with a no code mobile ordering app builder to save costs and time. A mobile app builder platform also has constant innovation, so I could benefit from new features all the time without having to pay an engineer to keep building them for me.

I found that the Orda moble app builder for coffee shops had a drag and drop interface, so theoretically all I needed was the time and patience to get everything laid out the way I wanted it.

When you build an app for iPhone or Android, you have to pick your platform first. The app builder I'd chosen targeted Android and Apple which meant my app would run on any Android or Apple device. That was PERFECT for my coffee shop and my audience!

Shared my vision for the app

I let my imagination run wild with the app. It would be an app that would help my shop to be more efficient, save me time, and showcase who I was as a business. The app I thought about was an application that would enable me to take orders online and help my customers skip the line and order ahead. With app builder Orda, I started creating my app. You choose the color of your menu, the categories you want to add, photos of your products, as well your locations. IT WAS SO EASY! Then you can prepare to launch your app with built in marketing tools. I saved money by using the app builder software to create my coffee shop app because it is user-friendly and extremely easy to use even if you have no experience. I believe that the technology they are using is the best one on the market. That's why we've decided to build our app with Orda. It's a really powerful and versatile tool that lets you design and build your very own app in less than an hour, without needing any coding skills or technical knowledge!

It is also very user friendly and doesn't take long to get started. The learning curve is very low and you can get your first version of the app on the market in no time. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to create an app that looks great and works perfectly.

The software enables any coffee shop owner with little knowledge of programming to create their own apps without any prior experience in programming or web development. I created my own coffee shop app in less than half an hour and it took me less than two days before I had the first version of the app ready!

My coffee shop app launched

My new app for my shop has made a huge difference for my business, and it will be great for your business too! The app will make it possible for your customers to order coffee right from the table or their houses, which is easier for my business and an excellent customer experience. It will also allow your customers to pay via saved credit card on file, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, which is convenient for everyone. The coffee shop will save money on paper, sticky notes, pens, or any other means of contacting the kitchen.

The app will help your customers get their order right by having control of their order, while reducing mistakes.

The best thing about this kind of app is that it saves time. Your customers don't have to wait in line or even talk with someone working at the cash register. That's why people are willing to spend money on it.

Customers love convenience and are willing to pay for that kind of service. Coffee shop apps are gaining in popularity because they have become cheaper for business owners and more rewarding for customers. That's what I call a win-win!

My customer's reaction to my ordering app

The first time I showed my coffee shop ordering app to customers, I was nervous. What if they don't like it? Will they even give it a chance?

To my surprise they loved it! They were so enthusiastic and already sending the app to their friends to try it next time they visited! I'd never seen anything like it. They loved my app. After that, everyone started using my new app! Customers started using my coffee shop app on a daily basis since it was so convenient for them to place their favorite drink orders and they even got points for every order which encouraged them to come back!

The mobile ordering app builder is Orda. Orda lets you build your own coffee shop mobile ordering app with ease. With Orda, you get your own iOS and Android mobile app integrated with Square. Your customers will download your mobile app on their phones so they see your brand every day on their home screens.

It has options for taking orders, sharing pictures, providing information about the menu, and tracking analytics. You can also upgrade your store by adding more features like check-in, loyalty points, rewards, no-commission, DoorDash delivery, and more!

Getting started with Orda is easy with the no-code app builder. Have fun and enjoy your new app!

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